Expertise rooted in experience.

Greencastle focuses on crafting customized solutions that address specific challenges, providing solutions that future-proof organizations, and delivering high-quality results that exceed expectations. Our team works collaboratively and cross-functionally to uncover hidden opportunities — taking a holistic approach that considers an organization’s culture, goals, and unique challenges to provide solutions that foster lasting success.

Our culture is rooted in our core values.

Adult Rules

We believe your family comes first. We strive to be self-managed, taking initiative in the absence of guidance.

Get Stuff Done

We’re professional problem solvers. Resilience and overcoming adversity are foundational to who we are.

Genuine Commitment to Client Success

We take a long-term view of success, making decisions that build strong, trusting relationships. Client success is our success.


We’re committed to helping veterans find their path and thrive in corporate America.