5 Minutes with Jeffrey Bury, Associate Consultant

By Greencastle Consulting

You probably know someone kind in your life–we all do. But there aren’t many people who are as kind as Jeffrey. Jeffrey is the type of person who is not only respectful, but just deeply cares about others. He spent 20 years in the Air Force and Active Guard Reserve before retiring in the highest enlisted rank of Chief Master Sergeant. And for all the Army people out there, you know that means Jeffrey isn’t just kind, he’s also wildly intelligent (I mean, he ate lobster and caviar for the last 20 years).

Keep reading to learn more about Jeffrey and who he is as a person past the military career and bio on the team page on our website. And if you’re smart (like Jeffrey) you’ll take something away from this –even if it’s a new TV show to watch!

Would you rather– run a marathon, or paint a masterpiece? Why?

I would rather run a marathon. I’ve always admired people who seek out hard things to build character. I recently spent a week in Lake Placid with my family on vacation, which ironically was also Ironman week. Every morning I watched athletes swim around the lake, ride up and down hilly terrain, and top it off with a run to simulate the marathon they were about to run. I’ve never been a strong runner but have loved running through the military. There’s just something to be said for the type of people who set lofty goals, put in the work, and chase their dreams regardless of what arena of life they are in.

What’s your favorite productivity hack?

It’s not earthshattering, but if I was given the choice to have one physical and one intangible item, it would be a white board, and 30 minutes to myself in the morning. Although I am a fan of leveraging technology, I still come back to the white board to organize and consolidate my thoughts. It will never get lost as another tab in an excel or OneNote and I can see it in my head even when I don’t have it. The 30-40 minutes to myself in the morning allow me the time and space to analyze the information before burning all my mental endurance doing client work and balancing family demands such as bills, school, and kids sports. It’s my way of decluttering my mind.

Who has been your most important personal mentor? Why?

To be honest, I have many mentors who have impacted me differently. It’s hard to choose one. However, the person who had a tremendous impact on me, is someone I’ve never actually met but followed on social media. He was ahead of his time, using his social media platform and fitness as a metaphor for life before most were doing it. He’d always say, “be the person today, that you want others to remember you for tomorrow”, and that “life was about creating a legacy of positive footsteps for others to model and follow in their own endeavors” I soaked up all that knowledge and used it in both my personal and professional career to accomplish things I never thought possible for myself. Ask me about him when I see you at HQ.

What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

My favorite way to spend a day off is to wake up before my kids, throw on some music and cook my family breakfast. If I’m lucky they have a soccer or basketball game for me to watch depending on the season. On a perfect day, the Giants would beat the Eagles, but unfortunately the Eagles have ruined more of my days off than I can count. In the evening, on a weekend we like to go try new restaurants in the local area and top the night off with either a cold beer(s) or a glass of whiskey. The simpler the better.

What’s the best place you’ve ever traveled to? Why?

The best place I have ever traveled to was Italy. I was stationed there for 3 years and did not have one bad meal. In Northern Italy, the countryside is beautiful, the beer and pizza was next level, even their McDonalds tasted healthy to me. I lived in a small town called Maniago, famous for making knives. 

Name 3 TV shows people should watch right now and why?

  1. Alone – it is a survival show on Netflix. It is amazing to see how far people can push their body and minds to survive without anything.
  2. Fubar – with Arnold Schwarzenegger because it’s hilarious.
  3. Fear City – it’s a documentary, not a show, but it is both fascinating and insane that the Five Mafia families-controlled NYC in the 70’s and 80’s. I bet they had one hell of RACI chart!