5 Minutes with Joseph Hyde, Consultant

By Greencastle Consulting

Spend ‘5 Minutes With’ Joseph Hyde and you’ll find your next best read!

If you’ve ever talked to Joseph, then you know what a calming presence he has. His family motto is ‘Que Sera, Sera’ after all. Spending time with Joseph in these five minutes will not only give you a sense of calm but maybe even your next favorite book. (Or maybe we will have to wait until his future bookstore comes to fruition.)

Keep reading to learn more about Joseph and who he is as a person past his military career and bio on the team page on our website.

When you were a kid, what career did you want to have? And why?

Museum curator. The luxuriousness and intrigue of the job is what attracted me to it. I envisioned spending all my time parsing through old crusty books on Chesterfield sitting chairs, mysterious exhibitions from faraway places, and bandying about on the enigmas of the ancients every weekday 8-4. My work attire in this vision usually includes some sort of blazer and a fez. The closest I ever got to such a role is watching Indiana Jones.

Have you read any books lately? What was the best part of the book?

Yes, but they weren’t any good. Two I started some time ago and need to finish are A Soldier’s Story by Omar Bradley and Lives of the Necromancers by William Godwin. The former is a biography by one of the great commanders of WWII and the latter a guilty indulgence of Victorian historical fiction/critique. Both seemed quite good in their opening salvos and I am looking forward to revisiting them.

If you had unlimited money to start your own business, what would it be?

An inn or book/smoke shop combination. The inn would be strategically located for the salmon run along the fjords in west Norway, with a room explicitly dedicated to an artist in residence for each season or year. It would have a nice cocktail lounge as well and prices wouldn’t be exorbitant as the mortgage will be paid off. Regarding the bookshop, coffee would be available as a compliment to several stories of the finest literature and a community room or two where phones/PCs are not allowed, reading/conversation would be encouraged if not required. Connected to the building would be a cigar/ pipe lounge with a modest but sufficient selection and excellent views. It would likely be somewhere in the Peak District of England near the town of Edale.

Who in your family is the best cook and what is their signature dish?

My wife, by light years, the signature dish is steak with a creamy garlic roux on sauteed mushrooms and buttered baguette. For dessert white chocolate cheesecake with raspberry coulis. All scratch.

What’s your family motto?

Que Sera, Sera. (What will be will be.)

 What is your favorite podcast at the moment and why?

The Rest is History with Historian and Writer Dominic Sandbrook, and international global celebrity Tom Holland. Best to give it a listen and find out, there will be no spoilers from me, I do suggest picking an episode topic that interests you and enjoy the ride.