5 Minutes with Rachelle Stoll, Consultant

By Greencastle Consulting

In today’s ‘5 Minutes With…’ we meet Rachelle Stoll!

You might have virtually ‘met’ Rachelle before when she appeared on a Shots from the Winchester episode about remote work at Greencastle. (Watch it here.) But if you haven’t met her yet spend 5 minutes here! She’s sharing all about her recent world travels, who inspires her, and one unique tip for how to unwind after a stressful day.

Keep reading to learn more about Rachelle and who she is as a person past her military career and bio on the team page on our website. You may even discover your next favorite podcast.

Have you been on any trips lately?

This past summer I traveled to Seoul, South Korea and Manila, Philippines with my two kiddos. Twenty-four hours of plane rides and stopovers was enough to cause some mild travel anxiety in my youngest. She now requests an ETA for every car ride we’re on.

The best part was exposing my family to cultures they are not familiar with, eating new foods, wearing different clothing, and engaging with a new language. It makes travel so critical for growth as a human being and reminds us that there’s something bigger than our individual perspectives.

What are your two favorite podcasts at the moment?

My first go-to podcast is Adam Grant’s ‘WorkLife.’ As an organizational psychologist, he casts a wide net on the workplace with research and interviews, studying what makes modern work suck and not suck. My second go-to is Hidden Brain, first and foremost because I enjoy saying the host’s name–Shankar Vedantam. (Say it three times fast!). I also appreciate the mix of science and stories to describe unique patterns in human behavior.

What is one thing you do to relax after a long day at work?

The reality for myself and for many working parents is that breaks are hard to come by. I think breathing is the first thing I focus on after work; long, slow, deep breaths which I typically don’t do throughout the day. The Calm app really helps with this.

Who is the Chef in your family and what is their signature dish?

In a family of non-chefs I think I am the most chef-like. They love my butter chicken from a jar–thanks Whole Foods!

Who or what inspires you in your career?

I am trying to focus less on attaching my self-worth to my career so I think a better question is what inspires me more in life? I would say that my grandmother and mother inspire me on tough days; their difficult personal journeys make my own challenges seem small. Regardless, they have always been compassionate givers, which I think has positively influenced my role as a consultant.

How does your military experience help you in your civilian job?

I was an Air Battle Manager on the E-3 AWACS; I often describe this to others as being an airborne offensive coordinator. That kind of unique operational experience truly teaches the importance of good teams, sound communication, and the ability to pivot on a dime. I think the root cause of many performance issues across companies stems from not being intentional about one or all three of these things. They are fundamental aspects of any great organization; they create conditions for high performance and make work more purposeful and enjoyable.