5 Minutes with RJ Clark, Content Marketing Lead

By Greencastle Consulting

On the latest installment of ‘5 Minutes With…’ we’re sitting down with RJ Clark. 

RJ Clark joined Greencastle in 2022. Before that, he spent 4 years in the Army and 3 years working in higher education. He lives in West Chester, PA with his wife Kara and their spoiled labrador Tex.  

Board games, (audio)book reviews, and questionable music taste — this one has a little bit of everything!  

What was the last book you finished? 

This might be controversial but I’m going to count audiobooks for this. I just finished listening to the entire Lord of the Rings series narrated by Andy Serkis. I’ve read the series several times but this was my first time listening to the audiobook version. It’s a masterpiece in voice acting and narration, 10/10 recommend if you’re a Tolkien fan.  

What’s your favorite thing about your job? 

I have the unique responsibility of being the voice behind much of the digital content that people view from Greencastle. Whether it’s on a social media platform or a blog post, I’m responsible for telling Greencastle’s story in a way that showcases the great work our team does on a daily basis.   

Does your work routine vary, or does it look the same day to day? 

It definitely varies from day to day. A huge component of my current role is writing for social media, blog posts, and a variety of other mediums. My phone and computer go everywhere with me at this point so that when the creative bug strikes, I can capitalize. Some days that can mean working from my desk from 9-5 and others I’ll record thoughts while I’m walking my dog in the park in the early morning.   

What type of music are you into? 

My Spotify wrapped is all over the place. If I had to narrow it down to a single genre, I’d have to pick pop-punk (no, it wasn’t a phase). I’ll probably listen to blink-182 and Green Day for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. 

Are you into after-work happy hours? 

For most of my professional career, I would have lumped work happy hours in the “mandatory fun” category. For anyone unfamiliar with that concept, it’s a work function that leadership requires everyone to attend while attempting to disguise it as fun. 

Greencastle’s monthly happy hours have genuinely changed my outlook on these events for the better. I realize it might be hard to take my perspective as unbiased here, but I’ve been able to expand my professional network and had a great time at every Greencastle happy hour I’ve attended.  

What’s your favorite family tradition? 

My family takes board games very seriously. Without fail, after any family get-together, there’s bound to be several games played before anyone is ready to go home. Our latest obsession is a game called Ticket to Ride where you’re trying to build train routes across the country before everyone else can. The hour or two that we spend huddled around a kitchen table as a family is hands down my favorite tradition.