Who is Greencastle Consulting?

By Greencastle Consulting

Who is Greencastle Consulting? And what do they do?

If we had to give you a guess before seeing this infographic, what would you say Greencastle Consulting does? For most of you, you might say Greencastle hires veterans or are a group of veterans doing something (and what that something is, you aren’t quite sure). For others, you may know us from working directly with us and understand that we have four focus areas or, “centers of excellence,”– project management, change management, process improvement and business intelligence. And all of you would be right, but we’re also much more than just that.

Greencastle was founded in 1997 (and yes, if you do the math that means we are 25 years old). And with those 25 years comes a lot of experience, knowledge, lessons learned, best practices and certifications. Not to mention, we’re had an astounding growth rate upwards of 180% in both the clients we serve and the number of employees we have.

This growth is a testament to the people we hire, the leadership we have and the work we do. We have two taglines we live by at Greencastle, “Veterani, Superare” which means veterans overcome, and “Get shit done,” which means, well….we get shit done.

So, to those of you who think we just hire veterans– we do. We hire veterans with tried and tested leadership skills in some of the more austere situations you could possible imagine. And yes, those veterans overcome time and time again. For the rest of you who work with us or understand what services we offer, you know the real differentiator between us and the other guys is that we really do get shit done–on time, within budget and meeting every single objective thrown our way. We integrate fully with your teams to understand what your definition of success is on each and every project, and from that we build a plan that addresses all risks, concerns and hurdles. We take on the toughest projects, roll up our sleeves and help you cross the finish line so you can get all the high-fives and atta boys/girls you deserve.

We’re here for you, and we’re ready to help. Drop us a line, follow us on social, attend one of our happy hours or just stop by to check out the fantastic amenities we have in our office (did someone mention a restaurant-quality bar smack dab in the middle of the office?). We’ll see you soon!