DoD Skillbridge Fellow Alex Hart Recaps His Time at Greencastle

By Greencastle Consulting

You probably know by now that Greencastle Consulting is the mecca for veterans. We employ (as of today) just shy of 100 veterans (or those currently serving in the Guard and Reserves). Everyone at Greencastle, including all support staff and back office are veterans, and if you ask anyone here, they’ll tell you that’s why this company is so great.

Part of being a veteran owned and operated company means that you not only support and foster growth with veterans, but also help them make the big transition from serving in uniform every day to holding a full time civilian career. One way Greencastle fosters this growth and transition period is by working as a partner with the DoD SkillBridge program.

In this program, we work to prepare veterans for a full time career either at Greencastle, or if they choose to use their skills elsewhere, we work with them to get them placed somewhere that makes sense for their career goals.

The program is a fellowship and is completed on site at Greencastle’s HQ in Malvern, PA. This no-cost program is designed to deliver a healthy mix of classroom instruction, leadership instruction, and hands-on, real world, project management. The fellows learn project management, change management and process improvement techniques and earn certifications to back their education and experience up.

Alex Hart arrived at Greencastle in March of 2022 and since then, has been able to learn from some of the best and most experienced project managers and change practitioners out there, all while getting to see the company culture firsthand.

“As a transitioning service member leaving active duty, I wanted to remain connected with the military community and continue to work with individuals that held an uncommon desire to succeed and bring value for their clients and each other, “Alex said. “If this sounds familiar, Greencastle Associates Consulting is the place for you.”

Prior to joining the company, Alex had 12 years of experience as an Active-Duty Guardsmen in the Maine Air National Guard, where his primary mission involved supporting United States Strategic Command as a Nuclear Command and Control Specialist. Stark contrast from the civilian world, but Alex’s experience has helped him immensely and he’s excited to move forward with everything he’s learned in-house.

“For transitioning veterans, Greencastle offers the Stronghold Leadership program which is an outstanding opportunity for those interested in project management or consulting,” he said. “Each SHL fellow exits the program with critical industry certifications, professional development education, and valuable industry job experience and exposure. As a Stronghold fellow, I recommend any transitioning service member interested in consulting or project management contact the incredible people at Greencastle.”