Change Management for the US Space Force

By Greencastle Consulting

DigX Days 3.0, hosted by the U.S. Space Force Space Operations Command Directorate of Transformation, is all about exploring opportunities to innovate and increase operational efficiency. Attendees dove into low/no-code platforms, like PowerApps, with the goal of implementing digital change.  

We caught up with two Greencastle consultants Rachelle Stoll and Kristina Haley who helped open the conference with a discussion on utilizing change management to enhance product pitches by generating stakeholder buy-in. Let’s take a look at some of their key takeaways.  

The Core of Change Management 

Change management is a guide for transformations that allows organizations to capitalize on new opportunities and growth. It helps ensure that innovation is not only adopted but integrated holistically throughout an organization.  

The Prosci 4 Ps helped illustrate the value of change management at the DigX conference. 

Project: What is the Project? 

Purpose: Why are we changing? Documenting purpose is how an organization can define the intended benefit of a change as well as define specific project outcomes.   

Particulars: What are we changing? Change comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a process, a new tool, a job role, or critical behaviors it’s essential that we define what it is we’re planning to change. 

People: Who is changing? Change is as much about the process as it is the people. Successful implementations take the time to consider relevant stakeholders and engage with them to minimize resistance to change adoption.  

Change Management in Action 

As DigX wrapped up, Kristina Haley noted that “watching the culmination of this week-long journey was inspiring. As teams presented their projects, it was clear they had woven key change management principles into their pitches.” 

An organization’s goal should never be to simply survive a change. An effective change management strategy fosters open communication, generates positive feedback loops, and ultimately empowers project teams to succeed. 

“Change management is more than a set of practices,” Haley continued, “It’s a mindset that is absolutely critical in markets where transformation efforts must succeed.” Wise words for any organization gearing up for their next big implementation.