Shots from the Winchester Podcast Recap: Episode 50 ft. GUILD Financial

By Greencastle Consulting


By popular demand, we’re going to recap our podcast episodes for those of you that may not have time to listen or watch, or would like to get a down & dirty summary of the topic discussed.

Sean Bonner & Kaj Larsen, co-owners of GUILD Financial, joined resident Navy SEAL and podcast host Jon Cleck in the Winchester to talk about financial readiness in the military and the distinct need for education on financial principles within the force.

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the military, you probably understand (or even have stories about) the struggle with investing, saving money and overall financial readiness. Sean and Kaj were no different, and talked about their experience in the military as leaders trying to help their soldiers learn and make good choices.

The GUILD Financial app provides exactly that–a knowledge bank of financial information to learn about investing, saving and more. In fact, Sean and Kaj believe so much in education, they give everyone who watches the first video $5 deposited directly in their account.

In addition to financial education and investment at your fingertips, Sean and Kaj believe in giving back to the community, much like Greencastle. The two embarked on a relief trip to Ukraine not long after the crisis began and donated supplies and their time to the citizens.

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