Greencastle Takes on Taji 100

By Greencastle Consulting

Veteran Focused — one of our core values here at Greencastle. Volunteering our time and energy to support veterans is foundational to what our company is all about.  

Taji 100 began as a friendly competition among the service members of Camp Taji, Iraq in 2010. The challenge was aimed at promoting health and fitness while allowing service members an opportunity to relieve stress and boredom. Choosing from several types of endurance events, participants must complete a combined 100 miles in February. Now in its 15th year, Taji 100 has had over 40,000 participants and raised over $750,000 for veterans.  

Adding to the ranks of participants this year will be 22 Greencastle employees who have pledged to complete the 100 miles. This marks Greencastle’s second year organizing a team for Taji 100. Last year’s group of 15 participants produced 11 finishers, a number that we’re hoping to double this year.  

As with anything we do at Greencastle, we’re committed to success in this challenge. So committed in fact, that participants have *unofficially* agreed to buzz cuts in the Winchester for anyone failing to reach the 100-mile goal. If you find yourself rereading that last sentence in disbelief, here’s our CEO setting the standard following a successful food drive last year. 

All threats of haircuts aside, events like Taji 100 bring out the best in our Greencastle team. We thrive in challenging environments. For us, Taji 100 is about committing to success despite the difficulty of a task and more importantly, finding a way to Get Stuff Done.  

Over the coming 29 days, participants will run, bike, row, and ruck their way to their 100-mile goal. Along the way, our Taji 100 dashboard will provide a real-time breakdown of mileage leaders and serve as a friendly reminder for those falling off the pace.  

Stay tuned for updates on our team’s progress over the coming month and if you know a good barber let’s connect!