Recap: Greencastle Takes on Taji 100

By Greencastle Consulting


We love data. Whether it’s financial modeling, tracking project completion rates, or a PowerBI dashboard built to track mileage for Taji 100. 

If you missed our announcement at the beginning of the month, a team of Greencastle employees have spent the past month participating in Taji 100. The team of 24, set out at the beginning of the month with a goal of each completing 100 miles. Here’s some of our favorite data points from the past month: 


Over the last 29 days, the Greencastle team ran, walked, biked, rowed, and swam their way to 3,546.8 miles.   


We had 22 GACers complete the 100 miles this month. Along those lines, let’s talk “zero” which is the cost for a buzzcut for our 2 teammates that came up a little short. 


While we didn’t quite hit our goal of 100% finishers, our team was able to raise $820 for Team Red White & Blue and Taji 100. We’d like to sincerely thank all of our sponsors for their donations, you rock! 

All joking aside, this challenge has been an awesome experience for everyone involved. The playful banter on internal group chats, the automated dashboard updates to show projected haircuts, and some truly impressive displays of endurance (looking at you Bob Natale) are all testaments to the nature of this team to make work fun and always Get Stuff Done.  

The past month has been an opportunity for GACers to challenge themselves physically and mentally. All while supporting the veteran community that every one of our employees is a part of. If you missed out, we’ll see you back here in 2025!