Shots Recap: Greencastle’s Origin & Defining Strategy Execution

By Greencastle Consulting

Greencastle Consulting’s CEO, Joe Crandall, and President, Eric Diamond, join Al Green on this episode of Shots from the Winchester. The trio discuss Greencastle’s origins, the value of an all-veteran workforce, and the company’s new focus on strategy execution. Full episode is available on Shots from the Winchester! 

How did Greencastle come about? 

Joe: Founded in 1997 by three Army Rangers. Founded on the concept of using MDMP to solve business problems. The company worked in a variety of industries before settling in the energy and utilities sector where we are now. I joined the company in 2012, became a partner in 2015, and purchased the company in 2019. 

Eric: One interesting thing to add there is that Greencastle wasn’t always exclusively staffed by veterans. When Joe was preparing to take over as CEO, we talked about our long-term goals and what makes Greencastle special. We identified that it was our military experience and the camaraderie of an all-veteran workforce. Since Joe took over, it’s been a 100% veteran-owned and entirely veteran-operated company. 

Why is being an all-veteran company important? 

Joe: Veterans have a way of getting stuff done. They aren’t worried about fanfare. They don’t get wrapped up in small details that aren’t available or that are easily solved. They just move on and continue executing the mission Our clients like that and it’s why we prioritize a veteran workforce that can get stuff done. 

Eric: There’s a combination of hard and soft skills that you gain from military service. The soft skill is that mindset aspect – service members are trained to be resilient and not give up. Veterans are also trained to deal with incredibly high-stress environments. The hard skills are understanding the technical aspects to leadership and planning that translate well to strategy execution.  

What gives Greencastle that edge that clients are looking for? 

Joe: We don’t have 3-foot wall people, meaning our consultants aren’t the type of people to allow a small obstacle to hold them back. We pick the best people with military experience and help them unleash the skillsets they’ve developed. Most of our employees enjoy getting stuff done, they aren’t the types to sit around and go with the flow. 

Eric: Veterans love to be a part of a team. When we’re assigned to a client, we don’t just treat it as their problem that we’re contracted to produce deliverables for. We make it our problem and take it upon ourselves to solve it. 

What is Strategy Execution? 

Joe: Strategy execution can be everything from a single contributor being part of a larger project or our team running the entire project. What generally happens is that a large consulting firm comes into a company and lays out a strategy for the next 3-5 years. Not all companies have the right people to then execute that strategy, that’s where we come in. We have methodologies that are built on project management, change management, process improvement, and business intelligence that allow us to take any major initiative critical to an organization and begin to execute it.  

Eric: We didn’t always refer to our services as strategy execution. We used to refer to it as implementation consulting. Strategy execution is a more accurate way of describing what we do. Our clients have a strategy, a vision of what they want to get done over a period of time but they just don’t have a team of people who have the time and mindset to ensure that strategy is executed. That’s what we specialize in doing. 

What is the Future of Greencastle? 

Joe: We’re aligned on our strategy to be the nation’s premiere strategy execution firm for enterprise-level clients. In 2030, we’re hoping to have 500 consultants doing projects across the country and all are still 100% veterans. More specifically we’re planning to continue to grow our company and expand our presence in utilities, telecommunications, and life sciences.  

Eric: We’ve proven that our core business model works. Now we’re at the stage where we’re ready to take on new clients, new projects, and forging new relationships. We’re focused on identifying our up-and-coming leaders and ensuring that they’re ready to take the reins.  

Stay tuned for part 2 of this interview with Joe and Eric. For more from Greencastle Consulting, be sure to check out Shots from the Winchester for future episodes!