Tips for Managing Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Reports Like a Pro 

By Greencastle Consulting

What is IIJA? 

The U.S. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) was signed into law in November 2021. The bill introduced $550 billion of new spending for infrastructure projects including energy and power infrastructure, water infrastructure, and more.  

These are projects that have been deemed critical to rebuilding American infrastructure. While the IIJA provides resources to help fund these projects, it also requires businesses to navigate specific program and reporting requirements.  

 Let’s take a look at two tips for managing IIJA awards to best utilize funding for your organization’s projects.  


Navigating Reporting Requirements 

IIJA funding comes with department-specific reporting requirements that can lead to major headaches if not addressed. Businesses need to take the time to consider how they will capture project data in a format that meets regulatory requirements. 

Monitoring project statuses and documenting progress sounds simple enough but translating data into a digestible set of deliverables, milestones, and project plans is no small task. In many cases, a dedicated expert can help avoid disruptions to funding by handling documentation and reporting — allowing businesses to focus on executing the project. 

Resource Allocation Is Critical 

As is the case with many projects, effective planning and allocation of resources is paramount to maximizing the benefit of IIJA funding. Businesses don’t typically have the luxury of pausing operations to dedicate resources full-time to projects. In most cases, project team members are required to split time between their main role and a project.  

This issue can also present itself when a project’s scope of work overlaps with ongoing business operations. Take an electrical utility provider for example, where a project is being executed to upgrade sensors on power lines. The technicians installing these sensors are the same technicians responsible for maintaining existing lines and responding to power outages. These competing requirements can lead to delays in project progress if not properly managed. 

Utilizing external resources can help businesses maintain day-to-day operations while also enabling progress on projects. As an added benefit, the cost of external resources, including project managers can be offset through IIJA funding.   

Greencastle specializes in strategy execution, operations consulting, and data analytics. Our clients rely on us to drive success on their most critical projects, including IIJA-funded ones. We are 100% veteran-owned and entirely veteran-operated.  

Whether it’s a single initiative or a portfolio of projects you’re looking to tackle, having a partner with a track record of success on IIJA-funded projects is a force multiplier. If you’re looking to maximize the benefit of your IIJA funding, let’s connect