financial services framework

projected loan orders annually.


reduction in loan process time.


increase in monthly loan orders.

Financial Services Framework

Global financial services company increases monthly loan orders by 1,000% in just a few months.

Studies from the last twenty years prove that the frequency of loan applications that a bank receives directly correlates with higher loan approvals and, as a result, higher profits. A Global leader in financial services realized this and sought to get ahead of its competitors by reengineering its loan process to facilitate a larger number of monthly orders. Research also illustrated that banks lose market share due to a lack of sales confidence, i.e., the ability to sell consumer credit effectively. Client realized in some instances, three or four approval signatures were being obtained when only two were necessary, creating significant waste in redundant face-to-face appointments.


Using a Lean Six Sigma approach, Greencastle implemented a custom redesign of client’s data collections and utilization of loan sales staff.

After comprehensive industry research, the team concluded that there were easy, low-cost methods to increase the likelihood of a customer’s application reaching the approval stage. A customer was more likely to apply for a loan when he or she had a simplified understanding of the bank’s credit products, making it easier to match consumer needs with an appropriate product. Another tactic was to speed up communication regarding credit decisions, thus preventing the customer from having to wait weeks or months for an answer from the creditor. A third goal was to understand the bank’s policies regarding consumer credit, especially how the bank would review applications and keep the client up to date with the process.

In order for client to dramatically increase loan volume, three-phase Lean Six Sigma was applied to employee training. Work cells were utilized to cross-train personnel to fill in for each other, sidestep bottlenecked workflow and leverage the processing structure during increased application volume.


After designing a tighter system, Greencastle began testing and training employees. They enacted an efficient information collection mechanism which allowed client to change the way data was analyzed and presented, utilizing the Lean approach to continue project improvement throughout and beyond the rollout.

Major Savings!

Streamlining the workflow structure and correlating risk and effort showed a reduction of up to 40% in loan process time. With new business rules for customers and suppliers, and a stronger customer service approach, client was able to provide services in accordance with existing quality standards and performance measures. Within just two months, the loan process improved from a projected rate of 120,000 to 1,500,000 orders annually.