create lasting change
High-Level Reporting

Provided leadership with portfolio-level status reporting.

Data-Powered Decisions

Created meaningful metrics with real time data.

Tracked Change Mgmt

Using Prosci ADKAR change methodology standards.

Helping to Create Lasting Change for America’s Leading Energy Provider

For the past 25 years, Greencastle has worked to develop a coordinated approach between project management, change management and process improvement that we affectionately call the, “Implementation Management Methodology” or, IMM. This approach maximizes the synergies between the three to ensure successful adoption and return on investment for client’s strategic initiatives.

But success doesn’t just come from the methodology. The consultants at Greencastle are certified and highly qualified to tackle any project that comes their way, no matter how challenging it may be. They understand what it takes to enable lasting change that sticks.

We know from experience that change is tough. IT teams know that managing change is important, but it’s often superseded by demands to deliver a new functionality on-time and in-budget. Stakeholders want tangible assurances that adoption will be successful post-go-live and need accurate metrics to measure the strength of their change management effort throughout the project lifecycle.

We’re here to help you navigate through the, “tough” and meet your definition of success. Check out how we leveraged our innovative methodologies and technical expertise to solve client problems and leave enable lasting change.


When one of America’s leading energy providers needed help with change management, they sought out the expert practitioners from Greencastle. Tasked with governing change using tried and true best practices, our team worked on strategic projects within a portfolio that impacted billing and payment processing.
The energy provider’s portfolio managers were concerned that no evidence existed to quantify the level of effort spent on change management. Knowing that this evidence was imperative to ensure high adoption rates and the highest return on investment possible for these critical projects, our consultants rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

We have completed well over 350 projects since 1997. The fun ones were projects that had never been attempted before.


All of our work with clients begins with an initial assessment to ensure everyone is aligned on key items and strategic intent during the time of the engagement. Once we have this information and understand what the definition of success is, we use an innovative approach. This engagement echoed this format, and we successfully leveraged our industry experience, Prosci Change Methodologies, and expertise in Power Bl reporting.

Our team built an interactive digital reporting tool that mapped a schedule for project change journeys using the Prosci ADKAR Methodology
(Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement). The billing and payment portfolio dashboard incorporated task-tracking functionality, based on specific change management deliverables and metrics to illustrate rate of completion.


This powerful tool provided leadership with an indication of the level of effort being applied to change management for each project and helped to drive accountability across the portfolio. The report also contained “drill-down” capability which enabled supervisors to interact with the tool and independently verify the levels of due diligence being applied to these change deliverables.

We built the Change Management Billing and Payments Portfolio Dashboard so our client could:

In addition to the benefits the dashboard delivered above, it also serves as a central data hub. This, “hub” captures change metrics and provides timely and accurate status reporting on deliverables across the portfolio of projects. It also acts as a useful point of reference and an audit trail for change managers who want to visualize project status and move their teams towards successful adoption.

“With the help of the Greencastle team we have raised the bar for change management governance within our portfolio. The creation of a customized dashboard has enabled my team to quantify their efforts and effectively gauge progress in the delivery of effective change management for billing and payments processing.  We can now utilize Power BI functionality to analyze meaningful data and track the status of projects as they move through their change journeys.”

The world of change management is always … changing. In this dynamic environment, Greencastle always seeks to deliver the maximum value of change. By providing customized solutions that leverage structured change methodologies and digital innovation, we are able to help our clients make informed decisions that best enable them to take advantage of all the benefits that come from effective change management processes.