Marginal deviation from allocated budget


Contracts from multiple vendors


Months window to go-live

Modernizing the Financial and Accounting Landscape with a SAP S/4 HANA ERP Migration

The finance and accounting department of a national water utility corporation sought to integrate SAP S/4 HANA technology as part of a larger ‘systems’ transformation. One month into the project the internal project manager resigned, resulting in key leaders and stakeholders lacking proper awareness regarding critical decisions across various departmental domains. Greencastle’s strategic approach included creating an extensive meeting cadence and implementing a systematic project framework.


After assuming control of the project, Greencastle quickly laid the project framework and worked to develop seamless information exchange between the business and IT sectors.


  1. End-to-End Project Management
    Throughout 41 contracts managed and a marginal budget deviation the project met the Go-Live date.
  2. Optimized Business Operations
    Established a strong communication approach and requirements which resulted in more efficient meetings.
  3. Future-Proofed
    At on-schedule completion, the department was able to continue with the larger ‘systems’ transformation.
  • Established Report Guidelines
    The reports were kept on the external SharePoint site which facilitated communication and allowed teams to upload their portion of work throughout the week. In addition, the team established timelines for when updates were to be made to allow on-time delivery of the report.
  • Enhanced Information Flow
    The Greencastle project manager (PM) met with the vendor implementation lead, worked out the meeting cadences, reorganized the agendas, and confirmed the audience. The team conducted more efficient meetings which helped keep the information flowing across all levels and teams.
  • Tackled the schedule
    When the project began, there was no confirmed go-live date. But by looking at the work time frame and the work that was underway, the PM was able to reevaluate the schedule. The schedule, posted on the SharePoint site for all team leads, created a shared understanding among stakeholders.
  • Streamlined Implementation Tasks
    The PM took control of the one-off items that the project needed to accomplish. The first item was to establish a contract for the implementation after the design phase was complete. Working with key stakeholders the project manager was able to establish an agreed Go-Live date and a signed contract.
  • Confirmed Budget and Forecast
    To put the budget and forecast in place, the team began by setting up a few working sessions to sort through the 41 Statements of Work (SOW) and creating a pay schedule based on the milestones in each of the SOW’s.

By establishing a foundational framework, Greencastle fostered collaboration among teams, leading to a successful project go-live. Despite necessary adjustments, the project concluded with only a 1% budget deviation, a significant triumph for our client. Throughout, the Greencastle team demonstrated composure amid complexity, serving as the central point of contact and providing stakeholders with comprehensive insights. This pivotal role resulted in what a Senior Vice President described as “one of the smoothest transitions” in their professional tenure.