Military Skills Series: Teamwork in Consulting

By Greencastle Consulting

At Greencastle, our success is directly attributable to the highly skilled veterans that we employ. Military service has set the foundation for many of the skills our consultants leverage in support of critical initiatives for our clients. This series is focused on highlighting those skills and how veterans can use them to foster a culture of success as consultants.

Military Skills Series: Teamwork in Consulting

Service members are no strangers to working in teams. Nearly every aspect of military service is designed with teams in mind. Whether it’s small unit tactics or operating military equipment service members are trained to lead and work as members of a team.

Enterprise-level organizations use a similar approach to strategic initiatives, often assigning a team of experts to project teams who are responsible for implementing new processes, technologies, or any number of other organizational changes.

Collaboration Brings Success

Businesses don’t typically bring in consultants to solve simple problems. It’s much more likely that a business is faced with a complex project that spans a variety of functional areas and lacks the time, expertise, or both to effectively manage it. Achieving success in these environments comes down to a team’s ability to effectively leverage individual strengths while working towards a common goal.

Service members have years of experience working in diverse teams with a variety of personalities and skill sets. They make excellent team members and collaborators who understand the importance of knowing when to lead and when to follow. In most workplaces, and especially in the project-oriented world of consulting, the same teamwork skills are necessary to achieve success.  

Navigating Conflict

Conflict is inevitable in a project setting. Team members have unique perspectives and experiences that influence what they believe is the best approach to solving problems. These differences in opinion can lead to conflict which if not properly managed, can degrade a team over time.

Military personnel come from all walks of life with a vast array of life experiences, which just like the business world can lead to differences of opinion. Service members have fine-tuned their ability to quickly mediate these conflicts to ensure that teams remain focused on their mission. These same conflict resolution skills can be used in the world of consulting to help project teams stay on schedule and focused on success.

Who We Are

Greencastle is a 100% veteran-owned and entirely veteran-operated firm that specializes in strategy execution, operations consulting, and data analytics. We partner with clients to help them achieve successful outcomes in their most critical strategic initiatives.

Teamwork is at the center of every engagement our teams work on. We believe that client success is our success and that high-performance teams are the most efficient way to achieve that.


Keep an eye out for more from our military skills series where we’ll be highlighting a full list of skills that veterans can leverage for a successful career in consulting.