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Greencastle Behavior: Have a Positive Growth Mindset

  • Posted by Joe Crandall
  • On October 6, 2020
Greencastle has Behaviors that help create and maintain our culture. These behaviors are built from our values, experiences and relationships. These behaviors are woven into every facet of our business. They apply to everyone and make no distinction between job titles. It is an employee’s responsibility to take control of their professional growth. An employer […]
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Stronghold Leadership

Stronghold Leadership is the leadership development division of Greencastle Consulting. Every member of our team – that’s every single one of us – has been through the rigors of military basic and advanced training. The members of the Stronghold team have deployed overseas where…

Data Driven Approach

We leverage Power BI to gain insight into the data, because every project is driven by data.

If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

To further our client’s understanding of their data, we teach and deploy Microsoft Power BI tools.


19 Active Projects

Our current project portfolio is spread across 19 projects in utilities, data analytics, business intelligence and reverse logistics.


National Reach - Based out of Philly

Greencastle has worked in over 37 states over the years.


Client Testimonial

“Brad – You have been nothing short of a magician with this project. Thank you for all of your hard work to make this a success”

Sara Armstrong, CFO
Mesa Tech


People and Process First

We have completed well over 350 projects since 1997. Most are large scale and complex. The fun ones were projects that had never been attempted before.
We love a challenge. 


2,400 Training Hours

Continued education is important at Greencastle. In 2019 we conducted over 2,400 of internal training for our team. Topics included project management, Lean, Six Sigma, leadership and many others.


Veterans and Business

Hosted by a team of veterans, the Greencastle Podcast dives into the problems that many veterans discover when looking for employment after serving their country.



On Average, Each Project has a Team of 5 Consultants

We work best on large projects working as a team.


10 Service Offerings

Leadership Development, Assessments, Vendor Selection, Vendor Management, Implementations, Business Case Development and Project Tune-ups are just a few of the services we offer.


Case Study

23 Years of Doing Projects Right

Veterans get it done – since 1997. Greencastle Associates Consulting is the ‘go-to’ firm for the implementation of critical initiatives. We implement large projects that support your strategic plan.


Three Centers of Excellence

Change Management
Improvements Take Hold
To realize the benefits, the clients must embrace the outcome of the project

Process Improvement
Do the right work
Ensure the project will have a tangible impact on the business

Project Management
Execute Flawlessly
The project should be conducted efficiently & effectively, which will reduce the cost of implementation


All Veteran Team

Greencastle’s expertise is built on a foundation of military experience from every branch of service. We leverage our people’s leadership, emotional intelligence and mission first attitude to accomplish large and complex projects.

People and Process

People and Process

The source of project success or failure.

Technology gets the blame. But with every project outcome, its success or failure is due to the people and associated processes.


100% Client Retention

We strive for high quality results, providing exceptional work products and we compete to win – on behalf of our clients.


Largest Project Budget Managed



100% Veteran Owned

Since 1997, Greencastle has been a 100% veteran owned business dedicated to hiring veterans, veteran spouses, guard and reserve personnel.

All Home Safe

All Home Safe

We proudly hire veterans, guard and reserve personnel. In the past few years we had many team members deployed. Thankfully – everyone is home safe.


Average Project Budget is $34M

We work as a team on large, strategic projects for our clients. The average project budget is $34,000,000

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