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Data To Fuel Your Mission-Critical Decisions

Business Intelligence Overview

Want to learn more about what it means to leverage your data to power critical business decisions?

Looking to simplify even the toughest data processes but you’re not sure where to start?.

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Meet our team of 100% veterans. We fully integrate with your team to provide a seamless solution and work with you to identify your definition of success. We're here with you every step of the way and as long as you need us.


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The Value of Final Mile Technology Consulting

One way businesses try to stay ahead of the competition is by investing in the newest technology. But that can be costly and unnecessary.

Read through to discover how our version of final mile technology consulting can deliver your desired benefits today!

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Fireside Chat #1: How Does Business Intelligence Work?

"I have worked with Greencastle for more than three years, the Greencastle team is knowledgeable, professional, and enables us to be more efficient and effective."

-Senior Project Manager, IT

“I have worked with Greencastle over the past three years. When working with project financials or project management, Greencastle staff have consistently excelled in expertise and professionalism. Staff always exhibits a “can do” attitude with superior results. Greencastle has proven to be a valued and trusted partner.”

-IT Manager

We help you make informed decisions based on facts rather than guesses.

Data Management

The right data governance model can create clarity and solve data management problems.

Data Visualization

The process for building data visualization reports includes collaborating with stakeholders to collect all necessary information.

Business Intelligence Center of Excellence

A center of excellence brings together a counsel of business leaders and ACE team to drive alignment.

Process Automation

Technology can help bring efficiency and cost reduction to your organization through the automation of repetitive tasks.

"We’ve divided the work without ego and I know I am able to count on Greencastle when other projects pull me away. I value their work ethic and integrity!"

-IT Digital Ops

"Our PowerBI creator from Greencastle was excellent!"

-Global award-winning Utility Company 


Case Study: Improving Insights with Data Visualization

Data visualization can empower businesses to transform complex datasets into clear, insightful visuals.

Discover the value data visualization can have on your organization.

Project Management Office:

9 Ways Business Intelligence Provides Value


9 Ways Business Intelligence Provides Value


9 Ways Business Intelligence Provides Value


From customer behavior patterns to market trends to internal performance metrics, there’s a lot of information out there and it can be overwhelming.

Discover how business intelligence can help your project management office save time and make data-driven decisions.

Every transaction today has multiple data points behind it and to remain optimized teams need to track trends, identify what is driving variances and ensure every dollar is going where it needs to go. And business intelligence can help with that!

Discover how business intelligence can help your finance team save time and automate processes to make better data-driven decisions.

If you need to match the vast amount of data with the fast pace of your operations then business intelligence may just be what you need.

Discover how business intelligence can provide your operations department with timely insights to make data-driven decisions.

Video #1: How Business Intelligence Can Help