Shots Recap: Greencastle’s Growth, EOS Models, & Giving Back

By Greencastle Consulting

Greencastle Consulting’s CEO, Joe Crandall, and President, Eric Diamond, join Al Green on this episode of Shots from the Winchester. The trio discuss Greencastle’s growth, the EOS structure the company utilizes, and giving back to the veteran community. Full episode is available on Shots from the Winchester!

What has driven Greencastle’s growth since Joe took over?

Joe: A lot of our growth came from pent-up demand from our work. For years and years, our consultants have been executing at a high level. Our clients had been asking for more and we just hadn’t really capitalized on that. When I purchased the company, I made the decision to let that animal loose and we’ve grown rapidly ever since. When I took over we had about 30 employees and now we’re well over 100. We recently hired a dedicated salesperson so now we’re getting serious about growing outside of our current clients and outside of Philadelphia.

Eric: When we talk about pent-up growth, some of that was internally restricted. Before Joe took over we kind of encouraged people to come here and then move on after a year or two. Joe started to create career growth opportunities so that people could come on and stay longer. That really fed into our model which is very client-centric. We really get invested in learning everything about them, what drives them, their corporate culture, their system, and their policies. There’s such a wealth of knowledge and ability to continue delivering value if you stick around. Historically we’d have people come on and develop that knowledge only to leave for another company. Now, our employees stick around and we’re able to deliver deeper and deeper value on future projects.

How does Greencastle use the EOS model?

Joe: We first adopted the EOS concept in 2019. We read the book Traction by Gino Wickman which provides a framework on how to run a growing company. There were certain things we didn’t do right away, the Visionary and Integrator roles were one of those. Over the past few years, we’ve naturally settled into those roles. The Visionary is the long-term strategy and setting the vision for where the company is going. The Integrator handles more of the day-to-day execution of that vision.

Eric: I think it’s great, the company needs both roles. It allows us to both play to our strengths. I’m a very numbers, metrics, and systems-based type of person and Joe has a better mind for envisioning things that don’t exist yet.

Why is it important that Greencastle gives back to the veteran community?

Joe: We’re 100% veteran-operated and we want to support the programs that our employees support. Last year we sponsored an around-the-world sailing race. Prior to that, we sponsored the National Center for Healthy Veterans in Virginia. We also support local groups like Team Foster’s Ruff Ride and the Patriot Fund. We’re in a position where we’re doing well and we enjoy giving money to organizations that are well-suited to impact the causes that are important to us.

Eric: The military provides one critical service, our national defense. One of the by-products of that is veterans. Greencastle wildly benefits from those veterans. The unfortunate side of that is that military service can bring issues like mental health or physical disabilities. If we’re benefitting from the positive aspects of military service, it’s important that we’re also giving back to help combat some of the negatives of that service as well.


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