What Makes a Winning Culture?

By Greencastle Consulting

Greencastle Consulting prides itself on being the nation’s premier strategy execution firm – helping clients drive success on a variety of strategic initiatives. We’re uncompromising in delivering the highest quality results for our clients and helping them Get Stuff Done.

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t come at the expense of our employees’ wellbeing or our company culture. Quite the opposite. For the 6th time, Greencastle has been named a Philadelphia Business Journal Best Places to Work. If you’re not familiar, the Philadelphia Business Journal gathers employee feedback for companies headquartered in the Greater Philadelphia area on an annual basis. Employees are anonymously surveyed on a variety of topics including compensation, benefits, and trust in senior leadership.

In celebration, we sat down with a few members of our staff to get their takes on what makes Greencastle the Best Place to Work.

Nurturing a Community
Our commitment to maintaining a workplace where every team member can thrive is not just a core part of our culture; it’s a critical driver of our success. Winning the Best Places to Work award is a testament to the strength and dedication of our entire team. This recognition reaffirms our resolve to continue fostering an environment where innovation, collaboration, and excellence are not only valued but celebrated.

This award is more than just a badge of honor; it’s a reflection of the hard work and heart that every Greencastle team member brings to their role every day. We’re not just building a company; we’re nurturing a community where everyone’s voice is heard, respected, and integral to our collective success.

I believe that our greatest asset is our people. The consistent recognition as a Best Place to Work shines a spotlight on our unwavering commitment to empowering our team. It’s their expertise, passion, and resilience that drive our company forward and allow us to make a significant impact in the industry. Joe Crandall, CEO

Sustainable Growth Built on Our Core Values

Best Places to Work is one of the highest honors we can achieve because it means the focus we put into making Greencastle the most rewarding and fun experience to attract and retain the top talent in the veteran community is having its intended effect.  It means we have a culture of teamwork and “adult rules” that will continue to propel our success for years to come.

Each year we achieve this award validates that our growing team continues to produce emerging leaders that understand and perpetuate the culture and camaraderie we set out to achieve.  No company is perfect, and no individual leader is perfect, but in a team where mutual respect and understanding is high, we can truly enjoy working through each new challenge together as a team.

Recruiting, training, and retaining the top talent in the veteran community has been instrumental to our sustained success in maintaining a culture that is second-to-none.  Our continued focus on our core values and behaviors that define who we strive to be sets an objective, consistent touchstone which helps set the expectations and calibrates every member of our team from the longest in the tooth to the newest through the door. Eric Diamond, President

Shared Commitment to Get Stuff Done

Greencastle is an awesome place to work because of our great culture, amazing people, and the fun events we have that bring us all closer. Everyone’s always ready to lend a hand, and we all want to see each other succeed. The people and our culture make coming to work every day enjoyable and rewarding! Plus there is usually a lot of good laughs.

Greencastle stands out because we’re 100% veterans. Everyone here gets your background which helps build immediate camaraderie. We all share a similar mindset about getting things done, which is where our “GSD” (Get Stuff Done) company value comes from. It’s pretty special to be part of a team where there’s a collective mentality of success and everyone understands and supports each other.

If you’re thinking about joining Greencastle, I’d say join the party! We work together, support each other, love to win, and have a blast while doing it. You’ll be part of a community that really values your contributions, understands your background and truly cares about you and your family. Amy Sanchez, Senior Manager, Strategic Relationships

Greencastle Consulting is the nation’s premier strategy execution firm. Our team specializes in strategy execution, operations consulting, and business analytics. Our clients rely on us to drive success on their most critical projects. We are 100% veteran-owned and entirely veteran-operated.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we build and maintain our culture, check us out here.